JARV Ant Task

$Revision: 1.1 $ by Kohsuke Kawaguchi

JARV comes with an Ant task implementation that makes it easy to use Ant to automate validation. This document describes how you can use it.

Simple example

<project .... >
  <taskdef name="validate" classname="org.iso_relax.ant.JARVTask">
    <classpath path="isorelax.jar"/>
    <classpath path="msv.jar"/>
  <target ... >
      file="mydocument.xml />
      <fileset dir="xml" includes="*.xmldoc"/>

First, you need to declare org.iso_relax.ant.JARVTask as a task by using a taskdef task. You should also specify the jar file of the validator implementation you'll be using. In this example, MSV is specified.

To validate documents with a schema, you need to specify three parameters. A schema language (by the schemaLanguage attribute), a schema file (by the schema attribute), and XML files to be validated.

A schema language is specified by passing its name, which is usually its namespace URI. Refer to this list for the names of major schema languages.

XML files can be specified either by a file attribute or by nested fileset elements. The latter allows multiple files to be specified easily. See the documentation of Ant for details of the syntax of fileset.


The JARV task supports the following parameter attributes.

Attribute Description Required
schemaLanguage Specifies the schema language of the schema file. See this list for possible values. Yes
schema Specifies the name of a schema file that validates documents. Yes
file Specifies a XML file to be validated against the specified schema. No

Following nested element parameter is supported.


Specifies the set of files that will be validated against the schema. Multiple fileset elements can be specified. For the syntax, see the ant documentation.

By specifying neither a file attribute or nested file sets, you can check the correctness of the specified schema file.